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Pre-congress Workshops

4th October

On our practical, interactive pre-conference workshop day delegates can choose to attend one of four topical subjects as each will run simultaneously. We aim to blend expert teaching from our international faculty with delegates sharing their own clinical experiences. These workshops are designed to be more informal and person-centred where holistic learning will be reliant upon industry contribution. 

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We are delighted to deliver an advanced ECMO workshop targeted at those with existing ECLS experience where we will explore the challenges round fem-fem ECLS cannulation and share some tips and tricks from nursing and medical leaders in the field of ECLC and simulation. We will be using high fidelity simulation techniques as well as small group discussions to explore learning and share expertise. Maximum delegates: 16 Pricing: £100 / person

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CACTUS is a basic course in acute paediatric point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). Both lectures and hands-on practice are used to equip delegates with the skills to start their training towards achieving competence. It covers the principles and physics that underpin ultrasonography as well as specifics of focused abdominal, heart, lung imaging and vascular access. This specifically children oriented course has ambition to become the gold standard for UK-wide paediatric point-of-care ultrasound teaching/ training. CACTUS is a two part training and accreditation program modelled on adult courses but bespoke to paediatric critical care and emergency medicine. Since 2019, the course is fully endorsed by PCCS. Maximum delegates: 24 Pricing: £200 / person

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A practical, interactive workshop for doctors, nurses and associated AHPs on the scope of use of non-invasive ventilation in paediatric critical care. This hands-on half day workshop will explore the different modalities of NIV based on clinical scenarios. During this session we will discuss the clinical indications for use and practicalities of starting NIV including choosing appropriate equipment, interfaces and ventilator settings. Using interactive scenarios we will then explore in more detail use of NIV in some common PCCU conditions, how to assess response and optimise treatment, tackling asynchrony and other troubleshooting. Maximum delegates: 24 Pricing: £100 / person

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The imperative set of skills. We share the new PCCS guidance; rehearse difficult conversations; stress the pivotal role of the organ donation directorate and learn of the requirements, processes, and requests; reflect on bereavement care. Sessions to include: 1. National models for end of life care - PELiCaN: The Scottish Experience 2. Framing an Anticipatory Care Plan discussion 3. How to make a good decision in the multi-disciplinary team setting 4. Brain Stem Death testing - when and how to do it 5. Organ Donation - Current issues, a round table discussion with NHS BT 6. Clinical Conundrums - we are facing a future of increasingly sophisticated machinery colliding head on with increasing expectations of families and society, and how to we balance what we could do with what we should do? Ask the panel, and participate in an interactive debate. Maximum delegates: 30 Pricing: £100 / person

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